Jun 27, 2017

Start Taking Pictures With A Man You Are Getting Older - Fan Blasts Rukky Sanda

Actress Rukky Sanda Got more than she bargained for following a new photo of herself posted on IG.

While several of her fans complimented her beauty, a few found one or two things to complain about.

A particular fan, chastised the actress for still being single at this stage, advising that she go find herself a man.

Read the comments below:
aleckzee_charmantU should start taking pictures with a man... A husband... Kids... Come on! U getting old...
unigweobianujuYou are so beautiful but I don't like dt kind of top on you.
bukkyabdulsalamRukky I love you love everything about u please whom do u trust with your body products please advise as in from whom do u get yours from of all the lots thks.08133444453 urgent please