Jun 28, 2017

UFC fighter pokes fun at herself after defecating during match

Justine Kish fought so hard to win her fight at UFC Fight Night 112 on Sunday night that she had an embarrassing accident inside the Octagon. At least she has a great sense of humor about it.

Kish, who lost to Felice Herrig in a unanimous decision, was struggling to get out of a rear naked choke in the third round when a suspicious substance was spotted on the mat.

Yeah, that’s exactly what you think it was. Kish, who was previously undefeated, cracked a joke at her own expense on Twitter after the fight. Her post said "I am a warrior, and I will never quit. (Expletive) happens haha be back soon."

If Kish ever needs to discuss the incident with someone, we know just the guy.

The reality is some nasty stuff can happen in combat sports. Blood isn’t the only thing that ends up on the mat.