Jun 30, 2017

Find Out Why Kris Jenner Is Desperate for O.J. Simpson to Stay Behind Bars

Kris Jenner is desperate for O.J. Simpson to stay behind bars. Rumor has it, the Kardashian-Jenner momager is freaking out over O.J.'s upcoming parole hearing in July as he may spill her family's dirty laundry.

"OJ has enough dirt to hang Kris and the girls ten times over, and she knows it," a source close to the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star tells Radar Online. Although Kris and O.J. were once close friends, she now wants nothing to do with him, at least publicly.

The source explains, "She's worried about being too friendly to him, because that would bring an almighty backlash and tons of negative headlines. He has this creepy hold over her, and knowing OJ he'll be using it to the fullest whenever he's finally released."

O.J. has served nearly ten years in a Nevada prison after he was sentenced to 33 years behind bars on burglary and kidnapping charges. The former NFL football player is now due before a jury board to see if he will be granted freedom.