Jun 28, 2017

Tonto Dikeh insists she helped churchill pay for her brideprice

Few days back, Actress, Tonto Dikeh revealed she help her estranged husband, Churchill in payment of her bride price.

But then, yesterday, the actress Marriage was officially annulled yesterday, and it was revealed that Tonto Dikeh’s father, returned her bride price back to churchill… This then, stirred major conversation on social media, with many thinking perhaps Tonto Dikeh lied about paying her bride price herself.

Then, a Fan of hers, took to her Instagram to defend the actress.. She wrote;

To all those insulting Tonto because Tonto’s family were seen refunding Tonto’s bride price to Churchill lack common sense, I’m afraid. .

Why would anyone jump to a conclusion that she lied that money used in paying her bride price is hers just because it’s been refunded to Churchill’s family? .

So do you think both Tonto and Churchill were going to tell their families when they were getting married that the money for the bride price was hers and not his? .

Wow! Do you think a father would have given his daughter’s hand in marriage to a man who couldn’t afford the basics like bride price? .
You all should shut up already. Do you know the amount of things women do for themselves but give their men the glory just because we want them to look responsible in the eyes of the public? .

Wow! For me personally, even though some of the issues that came out were very disturbing but trust me I believe 99.9% of everything that Tonto has allegedly said. The remaining 0.01% is because I cannot verify whether she said it all not. I am not taking sides here, I am only applying my common sense. .

If Churchill can deny his father even after the man’s pictures came out and no one needed DNA to verify that the man is his father but he still went ahead to parade himself as OBJ’s son then later made a U-turn that Obj is actually his uncle which is also a lie because he is not related to Obj.

If he could deny he has another child apart from King Andre, even sworn on the life of the innocent boy that he hasn’t got any child apart from King. Mind you he even said it in his interview with media hob that he has no other child apart from King only for me to confirm that he has an almost 8 year old daughter with Subomi then I am sorry I don’t trust anything he says. Simple.

How can you lie about your parent and you own child? Wow! If a man can lie about his own flesh and blood then sorry but every other lie is more than possible. So you all should shut up and let the lady be. .

This might sound rude but I can’t put it any other way than to tell you all to save the money on your data and use it to acquire some knowledge and common sense #cutiesopinion

Then Tonto Dikeh responded thus, insisting that she indeed paid for her bride-price.

Honey don’t worry your head too much,We involved know the truth..For formality and respect a token has to be returned to them no matter what!!!!

The truth may be silent for a while but it sure can’t hide for long,You need not address this issue.i asked for a divorce I was denied for months but God worked it out and I got it.Thanksgiving mood not replying mood bae,….