Jun 30, 2017

Man who is allegedly above 130 years old and still very agile

A Nigerian Cleric named - Chiadikobi Emmanuel has shared photo of a Nigerian man alleged to be above 130 years old and still agile!

His name is Mr Ifem, and reportedly used to ride his bicycle from Imo state to Porth-harcourt in 1930!
Chiadikobi wrote:
Today I bless the name of God meeting a man above 130 years. In 1930, Mr Ifem used to ride his biscyle from Amazu Ebenator IMO state to Port Harcourt. Today he is still very strong and healthy. Long life is reality. As I celebrate Mr Ifem, I covet his long life.
May the grace for long life rest upon you and your family in Jesus name.
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If this is true, then Nigeria should be the country with the oldest person on earth! Recall that few days ago, we shared a story of the oldest man in the world aged 131 years, and from the post above, Mr Ifem should be the oldest person on earth.