Jun 30, 2017

Nathaniel Bassey denies being involved in an accident… But then, he edited his testimony on his Instagram..

Hallelujah Challenge Convener, Nathaniel Bassey has denied every being involved in a car accident.

Even though the singer himself shared the testimony on his verified Instagram account.. He has now denied ever being in a car crash..

A quick check on the post, we noticed that Nathaniel has edited the testimony on his Instagram page and added at the end of it “Anonymous”.
Below are screenshots of what he shared via his page, before the news went viral today… The screenshots shows the testimony looks like his… It had no “Anonymous”… It also included his names.

Then, after the news went viral, he edited it to the below;

He wrote.

“Please ignore any fake news about an accident. Bloggers have twisted someone’s testimony just to gain traffic,” he said.