Jul 14, 2017

50 Cent Hides Behind Strangers as They Trash Him

Considering Jimmy Kimmelis the master of fooling unsuspecting pedestrians in Los Angeles, his newest experiment starring 50 Centwas a must-see. The Power star was tasked with standing behind strangers as they critiqued the star in a faux interview in front of the late-night show's studio. Fortunately, the rapper was a good sport as fans verbally trashed him on the street.

The fake interviewer approached people on the street, claiming that so-and-so magazine named 50 Cent the greatest rapper of all time. "Disagree entirely," one fan responded. Needless to say, his candor was met with shock when he realized the star was standing right behind him. Still, that didn't make him change his tune when asked who he consider the greatest rapper right now. "Kendrick Lamar is...," the man began as 50 Cent laughed next to him.

One by one, unsuspecting people questioned the made-up ranking and claimed his best days are behind him while 50 Cent watched a live feed of the remarks from a secret room. Each time, he stepped out on the street and stood behind the critic until they noticed. While some stuck to their opinions, a few quickly sang his praises.

"He's the best rapper of all time," another man cheered.

There was one die-hard fan in the mix who expressed his love for the star from the start. "He made a lot of money, he did his movies, he's an active worker," the guy defended.

As 50 quipped, "That's right—don't let them trick you!"