Jul 26, 2017

Lady Calls Out Her Boyfriend Of 2 Years Who She Was With On Sunday, And Married Another Lady The Next Day, Monday

This is shocking…. Imagine dating someone for over two years then you realize you’re the side chick…

A heartbroken lady named tanesha, Aminah Dupree, took to social media to reveal some incredulous details… According to her, her boyfriend of 2 years got married to another lady today, yes this Monday. She stated that she was with him on Sunday (yesterday), but he never hinted he was getting married today.

Aminah who shared photos of the newlyweds, asked everyone to wish them a happy married life while wondering why she was never given an invite.

But the newly wedded wife, Tanesha, has issued a statement. She said:

“I am a such a postive individual, that someone felt it was best to harm me after my wedding. This woman told me 25 lies in 1 hour. She called our daughter retarded and informed me to go f… myself. She played on my phone calling me names. I just don’t understand how do people play with others lives and think its cool.

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