Jul 26, 2017

Is Hushpuppi Your Daddy - Fans Fight Over Social Media Celebrity

Without leaving as much as a hint, social media star, Hushpuppi's love has gradually found an abode in many's heart.

Hushpuppi, who has since his emergence on the scene has successfully built a following around him, a following ready to take a bullet for him.

The socialite had taken to IG to reveal what helped him attain his wealth as a means of motivating his followers but many took it as an avenue to beg for money, an act several others poo poohed.

Read comments below:

hushpuppiI was a poor kid who had rich visions #4
djubril_olowoBoss, help a brother dats in need
cyniblinksNow u are a rich kid...please,use and help the less privilege so more blessings would come...God bless hushpuppi
juwonlo777@frenkingstin why can't you go and look for job and work hard to become rich. Morherfucker.
yeyebwoyFunny how these niggaz be begging money on the net🤣🤣🤣 iz either you get inspired or fuck off😏 shey @hushpuppi iz your daddy ni ? #levelup
firedupmindset@bwowed Perhaps investing some time in learning to use punctuation marks would do you some good in pursuit of being a valuer.
amandaebeleanigbo@hushpuppi go and marry @queenveebosset u guys will make a gr8 couple so that Gucci can fall on u guys wella