Feb 25, 2012


In a recent interview,the talented thespian opens up on marriage and acting.

I have been able to hold on to my marriage. It depends on how you set your priorities and not get carried away by the whole thing. You should know when to be somewhere and when not to be in another place. I just create a balance between my career and my life. My husband is based in the United States of America, but we see each other all the time. He just left Nigeria in January. I will be in the US soon. It is either he is here or I am there. I don’t think I will quit acting. I might divert to other areas that have to do with the movies. Talking about the scandals, my husband knows me more than any other person. Sometimes, when they say things about me, we are together at that moment. He will look at me and ask if I am the same person that people talk about. He knows what I can do.
Asked, any regrets being an actress; she said I don’t regret being an actress. In fact, I feel I am actually blessed being in this profession. I love acting, despite the negative aspect that comes with it. I don’t think I would have loved to do another thing. But, sometimes, I am bothered by the things that are written about me, especially if they are not true. I have taken some legal steps before. That is the only way we can fight back. In all, I intend to be an actress for a long time. Even if I am not acting, I will be in the movie business. 


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