Feb 29, 2012

woman sues boyfriend over HIV infection

A HARARE man has been dragged to court for intentionally infecting his girlfriend with HIV before threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend.

Richard Chipfande (25) was not asked to plead when he appeared before magistrate Esthere Chivasa who remanded her in custody to March 14 for trial.

Prosecutor Sarah Bosha alleges that some time in 2007 the complainant (20) fell in love with Chipfande.

The duo reportedly had protected sex on several occasions. They parted ways two years later and the complainant went for an HIV test and tested negative. Bosha alleges that in September last year Chipfande pleaded with the complainant to take him back and she agreed. The two started another relationship and they always had protected sex.

On the fateful day, Chipfande allegedly removed the condom during the act. The complainant tried to stop him, but she was overpowered. After the act, the woman advised Chipfande that they should go for testing since they had unprotected sex. The results showed that Chipfande was positive and his lover was negative.

A counsellor at Beatrice Road Infectious Diseases Hospitals advised her to come back after three weeks. She complied and realised that she was now HIV positive. The complainant then confronted Chipfande's former girlfriend who told her that she was on HIV treatment and she had unprotected sex with him many times.

Chipfande is facing another charge of threatening his ex-girlfriend with death over his HIV status. It is alleged that he threatened his ex-girlfriend with death if she disclosed to the complainant that she knew he was HIV positive