Feb 12, 2012

Meet the world's 'fattest man' who lives in London: 58-stone Keith is so huge he needs 18 carers to keep him alive

Weighing in at almost 60 stone, Keith Martin has not been able to leave his house in 10 years.
With eight men and an extra large stretcher needed to move him, it’s a job only a specialist team can tackle. 
But supersize Keith is getting bigger, heavier, and wider and could now be the world's fattest man.

The heavyweight, from Harlesden, north-west London, is believed to have taken the fattest man title from a 90-stone Mexican called Manuel Urbe, who has gone on a diet and is now a lighter 31st 6lbs. 
But despite the accolade, life is a sad existence for Keith who has not had a girlfriend for 20 years.

The 42-year-old, who began binge eating after his mother died when he was a teenager, cannot find clothes to fit him and is forced to lie in bed everyday.
'I blame myself. It was my fault, I hate what I have done to myself', the former warehouseman told the Daily Star Sunday. 

'My mother died when I was 16 and I didn't care about anything after that and couldn't care less what happened to me, I ate anything and everything.'
Keith, who has admitted to eating a couple of roast dinners in a row, is cared for by his two sisters, an ambulance crew of eight, four carers and four nurses.  
His story will be featured on a new Channel 5 documentary called Big Body Squad which begins later this month. 
The programme follows specialist ambulance teams who take to the road in their £90,000 adapted ambulances designed to transport plus size people. 
The larger than life emergency crews are stretched to the limit transporting morbidly obese people who are too big to look after themselves. 
Greg Barnett, Commissioning Editor, said: 'This is a very thought provoking series that presents hard facts and unearths some interesting findings. Obesity is on the increase in Britain and somebody has got to take the strain. Physically and financially.'
The Guinness World Records have invited Keith to get in contact so it can investigate whether his is officially the fattest man in the world.