Jul 26, 2017

Revealed! R Kelly Did Have A Sex Cult And Was Evicted From Recording Studio For His Sex Members Trashing It

R Kelly is definitely not having the best of times as it has just been revealed that the singer was evicted from a recording studio where he allegedly kept members of his 'sex cult.'

According to report, the STEP IN THE NAME OF LOVE crooner was evicted after the premises were destroyed due to late-night parties and the singer's guests throwing up and defecating in the hallways.

The 50 Rn B singer, was served with an eviction notice in May 2015 by the owner of the shared premises in downtown Chicago.

'Tenants' invitees have soiled one of the hallways in the building with vomit, urine, and what is believed to be human feces,' stated the plaintiff, real estate company C/R Adlake Limited Partnership, in an eviction summons obtained by DailyMail.com.

Recall the singer a few weeks back was accused of brainwashing a number of young women and effectively treating them as sexual slaves by several families and three former employees. According to their stories told to Buzzfeed, they were told when to eat, bathe, sleep and had to perform sexual acts on one another which the singer then recorded.