Jun 20, 2017

Policeman batters girlfriend, posts her nude photos on social media

2 days ago, Social Media in Kenya was on fire after the story of a Kenyan rogue cop trended. The said cop went all ballistic on his girlfriend after they broke up.

Identified as Nur Nucho, the said Police Officer stationed at Korogocho, is said to have fallen out with his girlfriend Carol a few days ago, a move that left him a bitter man, 
However, instead of moving on like a real man, Nucho ambushed Carol and gave her a thorough beating, disfiguring her face while at it.

The officer did not wrap it up at that, he went ahead to leak the lass’s indecent photos on social media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook.

The incident was first revealed by a Facebook user who goes by the name Loyd Selemani. In a post shared on the popular Facebook women group Kilimani Mums, Lloyd exposed Nucho’s evils and even shared his photos.

“This is Nur Nucho (fb names),a Police Officer from Korogocho who has fallen out with his girlfriend Carol..beaten her up and disfigured her face then amempokonya Simu yake,logged into her FB page,and uploaded innapropriate photos ,same applies to her WhatsApp. Guys really, mwanaume amekaa Administration POLICE Training College in Embakasi for 6 months anaweza behave hivi?Let’s give him a shame guys!!”Llyod wrote.