Jun 27, 2017

“He Will Kill Me When I’m Out Of The Hospital” – Nigerian Guy Brutalized By Couple In Paris Raises Alarm. (Graphic Photos)

A Nigerian guy with the name, Ino Ino on Facebook has called the attention of his friends to the brutality he experienced from a “drunken couple” in France.

According to Ino, he was gruesomely hacked by the couple with a bottle of small stout in Paris. Pleading for help and justice, Ino says if he doesn’t get either, he will be murdered by the man who he says is a cult leader when he gets out of the hospital.

He wrote alongside his photos on Facebook:

Hello friends and family I have been attacke by this two drunken couple in Africa store in France Paris area of grigny 91350 by a bottle of small stout yesterday please I need ur help and ur support and justice, because I have been treating by the man when ever I comes back fm hospital he will kill me and he is the leader cultists group
Watch out! Seriously Graphic Images below… Viewers Discretion is advised.