Jun 2, 2015

Kim Kardashian Reveals Rob Kardashian Didn't Recognize Caitlyn Jenner: "Who is This Woman?"

Hitting back: Caitlyn Jenner - formerly Bruce - unveiled her female self for the first time on the cover of Vanity Fair on June 1 and had some harsh words for ex Kris Jenner too in a revealing accompanying interview

Rob Kardashian got a big shock when sister Kim Kardashian sent him a text with Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair pictures attached -- because he had no clue that the woman he was looking at was his stepdad!

Talking to Access Hollywood at the CDFA Fashion Awards on Monday, June 1, the soon-to-be mom-of-two revealed her brother Rob had been in the dark about Jenner's photoshoot, and had a hilarious reaction when she sent him the pictures."It was so funny because all the girls, we knew that Caitlyn was shooting this but my brother had no idea," Kim explained to the outlet. "So I sent it on a mass text to everyone and my brother was on it and he goes, 'Kim, why are you sending me this? Who is this woman? And why do I care?'"

"And I was like, 'Rob, that's Bruce! That's Caitlyn!'" she said, laughing. "And he was like, 'Oh my god, she's beautiful!' And then he called her and they had a lovefest and it was so cute. But the moment was so funny," Kim added.

While North West's mom, who announced her second pregnancy just the day before, didn't want to steal any credit for the stunning photos, she did admit that one of her favorite hairstylists had played a role in Jenner's big moment.

"The hairstylist I have used before," she said. "My Glamour cover that came out today, is the same hairstylist that did the Vanity Fair shoot. So we shared glam tips. I just said, 'Practice by yourself to find out how you feel most comfortable,'" Kim explained. "And she figured it out. She looked amazing."