Jun 20, 2015

Dragons Den star threatened to leak naked pictures of Beauty queen Michelle Evans

Duncan Bannatyne made me send him naked photos, then threatened to show them to the world

Beauty queen Michelle Evans' passionate seven-month relationship with former Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne ended very publicly last week when she dumped him, borrowing his own famous line to tweet 'I'm out!' after seeing photographs of him with another woman in the press.

Now the former Miss GB has revealed that in the turbulent aftermath of their split, the famously irascible multi-millionaire threatened to leak naked photographs of her in a revenge porn attack if she 'caused trouble'.Speaking for the first time since her romance with Bannatyne ended, Michelle, 37, reveals that:

- Bannatyne, who is worth £175 million, planned to seek tax exile status by living abroad – despite his public criticism of fellow Dragon James Caan for basing parts of his business overseas.

- Ten minutes into their first date the father-of-seven asked Michelle if she wanted children, and later whether she would bear him a son.

- He grumbled over the cost of a £16 car park fee and gave her a £20 gift box from his own spa for Christmas – wrapped in a Morrisons supermarket bag.

- He boasted of his free membership of an upmarket London dating agency.

- On dates, he was dull, often summoning employees to join them.

Michelle says she believed the pair had a loving, serious relationship and they had even discussed having children before he cheated on her so brazenly ten days ago.

But after divorced mother-of-one Michelle, 37 dumped him, Bannatyne, 66, warned her not to cause trouble, or he would share explicit pictures of her with the world.

Michelle reluctantly admitted she had sent three photographs to Bannatyne – at his insistence – earlier in their relationship of her clad in lingerie and naked. She said she had never done it before but is not ashamed of the photos taken on her phone, and regarded them as harmless fun – something her friends had told her many couples do.

But she felt 'violated' at the thought he might go public with them. Michelle said: 'I thought the betrayal and public humiliation of being cheated on was as bad as it would get, then he threatened me with something so personal, I was in complete shock.

'He made me feel like I was the one who had done something wrong for sending him personal pictures that HE asked for. He made me think he was going to share them with the world.'
Michelle EvansMichelle Evans

Michelle, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, had an angry exchange of texts with Bannatyne on the day she dumped him. Following the exposure of his cheating, Bannatyne, a frequent tweeter, lost no time in flaunting his new love, dental receptionist Nigora Whitehorn, in a series of 'selfies'. While Michelle retweeted newspaper stories about the split, he was posting: 'Love is in the air' and 'Oh what a beautiful morning...'

Yet unbeknown to his 732,000 Twitter followers, Bannatyne's tone in his texts to Michelle were very different.

'The anger and humiliation was unbelievable so I sent a message saying I wanted him to reimburse me for my childcare bill and we could go our separate ways,' she said. 'He told me I was causing trouble and that was when he made the threat about the photos.'

When she pointed out she was allowed to speak about what's true, he responded: 'Really? You are happy with me showing the pictures you sent me?'

She replied: 'Is that a threat? I believe someone was sentenced for that recently.' Later she added that she had been advised to report the matter to the police, but he replied, 'Just stop it.'
Duncan Bannatyne was ditched by Michelle (pictured together in March, left) after being snapped holding hands with dental worker Nigora Whitehorn, his new girlfriend

A friend of Bannatyne dismissed the text exchange between the pair as 'a spat', adding: 'Whatever Duncan might have said in the heat of the moment, that's just not the kind of thing he would ever do.'

Last November, in the first case of its kind, a spurned boyfriend from Nottingham was jailed for 12 weeks for harassment after he posted 'revenge porn' pictures of his ex-girlfriend on social media sites.

Their final acrimonious exchange was not the first time that Michelle had seen a different side of Bannatyne from his public persona.

The night that he was photographed with Nigora, he even texted Michelle, asking if she was OK, which she now suspects was his guilt kicking in, in case she had seen the photos online.

When she did see the pictures two days later, she said: 'I was in total shock. He wouldn't answer the phone so I sent him a text, saying: 'You look good in the pictures on MailOnline.'

He messaged back, just saying 'terribly sorry about that' as though it was nothing. I pushed him for an answer about what was going on and he told me that he was confused, because he had feelings for both me and her.'
The text message conversation between Michelle and Bannatyne in which the Dragons Den star appears to threaten to release intimate pictures she had sent him during their relationship. Michelle's texts are in blue