Jun 29, 2015

Female Student Breaks Cucumber Inside Herself while Doing It

Some of these girls in university don't know anything, all they are concerned about is money and s*x. That is when if it takes too long for them to get a man who will give them money and sleep with them they resort to "doing it" by themselves with any object they see, including bottles and now cucumber.

One has landed herself in trouble. Sources says a female student of UNN was trying to do a quickie on herself in the absence of her roommates with a small cucumber. In the course of the action, the fruit broke and stuck inside her private part...
She cried out and was rushed to the medical centre as she started bleeding profusely. The doctors demanded that she must contact her parents before a surgery would be done to remove it, but she ran away... The babe is still at large."

If you lack proper home training, you will use your own hand expose yourself. It's only a matter of time.