Jun 26, 2015

I'm A Virgin & Needs A Good Man Who's Ready For Marriage

My name is Ify, from Anambra State and I reside at Awka. I have an issue which has been bothering me and I have decided to take the bold step. I am 29 and a virgin. I have always have to deal with men who are only interested in sleeping with me and I have sworn to keep myself for only my future husband.

I have lost a lot of men because they all wanted the same thing before marriage. I am ready to for medical assessment of my virginity to prove it to any real man who is ready to marry me.

I am into event managements, catering and decoration. I am not a graduate but I am willing to become one if the opportunity presents itself. I know its a bit odd doing it this way but this is the way God wants it because my pastor told me few weeks ago that I would meet my man on social network. It is this way but I am really not ready to step into my 30's without my having a man to call my own. I am doing this because he may be living far away and If I do not reach out he may have to make me wait longer.

Please post this mail. I am getting tired and the pressure is getting too much for me. Even my mother thinks I am possessed because I have refused to sleep with potential suitors. Thanks and God bless u.

Guys, if you are interested in Ify, you can send your bio data to lailascupid@gmail.com.

- Love is not a easy nut to crack some times, but wisdom is profitable to direct.