Jul 2, 2017

Shocking moment a vicious road rage fight erupts as drivers attack each other with fists and BELTS(Video)

A vicious fight in south east London broke out in the middle of the street when a very angry lorry driver attacked a motorist and they fight – with fists and belts - surrounded by traffic in broad daylight.

The video shows a large, stocky man violently and repeatedly punching someone through the open window of a car.

He had been driving a lorry just behind the motorist before he started his violent offensive.

The fight, which erupted in the middle of three lanes of traffic, was filmed from the top floor of a double deck bus nearby at approximately 7pm on Friday.

The victim - a smaller male wearing a green t-shirt - then gets out of the car and the large stocky man immediately punches him again until the other male removes his belt and starts to lash him with it.