Jul 2, 2017

12 critical signs it is time to walk out of that relationship – if you notice #3, #6 or #10, please run for your life

There always comes a moment in a relationship or life where you meet someone and they mean the world to you till you find out, they are sucking out all your energy. The signs are always there to tell you, you don’t need to keep hanging on onto that person but unfortunately, we find it very hard to detach ourselves from them till they ruin our lives. Just in case you don’t know what the signs could be, then here are 12 signs that clearly tells you, you should walk out of that relationship.

1. They Don’t Bring You Any Happiness

Initially, you were very happy with them but these days, it seems when you’re close to them, they rather make you feel sad. The question you should be asking yourself is, “why hang out with someone who makes you sad?”. If the things he or she does dampens your spirit, then it is time to advice yourself because we all need happiness to brighten up our lives. Anything or anybody that dampens your spirit can equally kill you.

2. They Don’t Bring You Any Value
The value here does not only relate to money but anything that helps push for your progress. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend that made you stop a business, school, a project etc. just to make them happy, then you should know you’re selling your happiness for them and they don’t bring you any value. They should share your dreams and help push you to higher heights and so if that fails and you look back and realise since you associated with that particular person, everything of yours is going backwards, then it is time to walk.
3. They Are Negative
If everything you do is not right for you with such a person, then know that it is time to walk before they stample on you. You tried getting that Masters, they tell you it is not necessary, you tried getting into a business, they tell you, you don’t need that, anything you try your hands on is not right for you, then you should know all they have is negativity and it is time to walk out of that relationship.

4. You No Longer Agree With Their Lifestyle
You were cool together before but all of a sudden, his or her lifestyle changed and they are now into all the negative vices out there you can think of. You don’t need anybody to tell you not to stick around anymore, they could be a bad influence on you.

5. Dealing With Them Is Tiring
If the person in your life is not bringing you any positive any energy and always draining you of the little that you have, then you have to reconsider still being with them.

6. Dishonest And Disloyal 
 Who wants to be with someone who always stabs them in the back? This is not someone you can trust and shouldn’t even continue associating with them and it doesn’t matter how much you love them, you have to move on.
7. You Stop Caring
If you realise you don’t have time for them anymore, then it is a strong sign your spirit is distancing from them and your body should follow.

8. They Hold You Back
When you realise whenever you want to take that stride, you are unable to because of them, then you should know it is time to ditch them.
9. They Don’t Encourage You
Why do we get into relationships? For a whole especially the motivation but if you’re with this person and they don’t encourage you to do anything with your life, then you’re in the wrong relationship and you need to get out.

10. They Have No Interest In Your Life
It is always about them and nothing about you count. Whether you live or die, that’s not their headache so long as you’re always there to solve theirs. Then you don’t even need to complete this listicle, it is time to walk out. 

11. Unequal Effort
If you realise you do all you can to make them happy or solve their problem but they never reciprocate when it is your turn, then you should know you’re not in the right relationship and you need to walk.
12. When They Disrespect You Repeatedly
It is one thing to be disrespected and it is another thing to be disrespected repeatedly. When you realise this has continued too much, then you should know you don’t have to stay for long to go through all that humiliation all the time.