Jun 22, 2017

Nigerian Lady asks Hushpuppi for N100k for her school.. But a gentleman on Facebook helped her with the money instead

Nigerians are way too kind.

We just received a story from a Lady whose sister got help from a “Facebook User” she has never in her life met before.

Apparently, There was a story about Ray Hushpuppi spending Over 3.3 million naira in the club, and it was shared by several media houses.. Then, a User, Nnana Aishat Twain commented on the post on Facebook, Begging the Malaysian-Based Nigerian Big Boy to help her with the sum of 100,000 to apply for her catering school.
She wrote: “#Hushpuppi Ray, you don’y need that much money to make me humble. All I need from you is just N100k to apply for my catering school and I will be forever loyal, grateful, humble and praying for you”.

Our of the blue, a Facebook User, Jonathan Ijiada offered to assist Aishat with the required sum she needs for her catering school. Jonathan replied her with;

“Please kindly inbox me your account details ma! By the grace of God Almight you will have the 100k you needed for the registration in your account by tomorrow. God Bless you & Best of Luck”.

…and Pooof! The next morning, this morning apparently, Aishat got woken up with an alert of N100,000 From Jonathan!

Hello Yabaleftonline Team

We have a hot latest news and we do appreciate it if you could help us broadcast things man on behalf of me. My sister and family.

A man from nowhere helped my sister with the fee she needed to enrolled in catering school after some blog posted and bosted about hush puppi who spent 3.3 million naira on drink. And my sister comment that hush puppi should please help her with 100,000 naira to enrol into catering school. Suddenly this young man asked for my sister banking details without knowing her or asking for her numbers. And an alert of 100,000 naira woke her up yesterday morning. This still seems to be a dream to us.

And he later messaged my sister to wish her well with her studies. His name on FB is Jonathan Ijiade – SEXYBEAST and my sister FB name is Nnana Aishat Twain

Please Team Yabaleftonline help broadcast this man. He is indeed a hero. In the world where no one is interested in the progress of others. God used him to answer my sisters long time prayer just via a post on naij. Com.

Please help make him popular. Act of kindness like this can’t be hidden. For heaven sake.

Now tell me, Are Nigerians not nice? See the exchange below;