Jun 21, 2017

EFCC Boss Magu Says Looters Are Behind Biafra Agitation And Militancy

The acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, has said looters might be fueling the agitations for secession in some parts of the country.

Magu made the statement on Tuesday, June 20, when speaking with the national council for arts and culture director-general, Otunba Segun Runsewe.
The EFCC boss appealed to Nigerians to stop celebrating those with questionable wealth, noting that corruption was a threat to the unity of Nigeria, The Nation reports. “We have heard you very well, very carefully. Corruption has eaten so deep into the fabric of this country. It is a threat to our co-existence, it is a threat to our unity and the survival of Nigeria.

"We have to have a common consensus to fight corruption; all of us must agree to fight it. “The cost of corruption to this nation is much. It is poisonous, It is something that breeds Boko Haram, militancy, these boys calling for Biafra and those people calling for some parts to leave Nigeria.

Magu alleged that looters were supporting separatist agitations in the country and funding the agitators in order to sabotage the country so that they could enjoy their ill-gotten wealth. He urged Nigerians to collaborate with the EFCC to fight corruption in order for the country to have a better future.

He said: "I want to appeal to Nigerians to join the fight against corruption. It is our duty to fight corruption so that we will have a better tomorrow.

"Not all of us can arrest but we can join the whistle-blowers. Joining the whistle-blowers has two advantages: The fact that you have exposed crime and the fact that you will get a cut of any recovered amount.

Let us join the whistle-blowers, let us expose all forms of corruption. “We have to sustain the tempo so that the looters will not find a place to hide.”

Magu said Nigeria would be one of the best countries in the world if corruption is eradicated from the country. Meanwhile, a report by the Nation indicates that a mortgage firm has returned N500 million to the EFCC kept with it by a serving governor.

According to the report, the money is said to be part of the Paris Club refund kept with it by the governor. Officials of the mortgage firm are said to have made a statement confirming that the governor owns the N500 million.