Jul 2, 2017

Woman's breasts turned black and her nipples DIED and fell off after her boob job went horrifically wrong

A breast augmentation patient was left scarred for life by a Romanian surgeon, now banned from the UK, who left with her dying nipples.

Distraught Kirsty Adam, 24, from Glasgow underwent breast augmentation following weight loss which caused her breasts to 'sag', opting for a mastopexy - or uplift procedure - with implants to increase her bust size from a 36D to a DD cup.
She paid UK surgery company Transform £6,000 rather than go abroad for a budget deal, hoping it would be safer, but Kirsty says the procedure left her looking like someone had 'hacked away' at her 'with a blunt, rusty knife' - and left her with necrotic flesh.

Now her surgeon Dr Vana Vasilescu has left the UK following an investigation which saw her 'erased' from the General Medical Council register.

Meanwhile, Kirsty has been left with no nipples and has to have them tattooed on while undergoing laser treatment for scarring.