Jul 3, 2017

Woman and gorilla share lovely moment at zoo watching videos on her phone

Lindsey Costello and a gorilla at a zoo in Kentucky looked like two close friends with their heads almost touching when they were photographed enjoying videos on her mobile phone. According to Lindsey, she was checking out the gorilla’s enclosure at the Louisville Zoo in Louisville, Kentucky, when she noticed an older woman showing the beast videos of baby gorilla. The woman invited her to take over so she can show the ape more videos and she did. Posting the image on Instagram Lindsey wrote:“My new friend and I enjoy watching videos of baby gorillas.”

To her delight, Lindsey said the gorilla even appeared to make it clear when he wanted to watch a new video – making a swiping motion with his hand.‘If the gorilla wanted a different video, he would pick up his arm and swipe over. ‘If I turned the phone away from him, he would stretch out his neck to be able to view it. It was incredible!’ ‘Best way to spend my last day home. My heart is so happy. (sic) #blessed.’