Jul 15, 2017

'She found out I slept with her husband-to-be': Wedding guests reveal the SHOCKING reasons they were uninvited before the big day

With the time and money spent on a wedding, many couples spend hours mulling over the guest list to make sure only their nearest and dearest are there on the big day.

But there is plenty that can go wrong after the invitations are sent out - and on rare occasions guests can end up being asked not to attend.

Snubbed guests took to anonymous confession app Whisper to reveal the reasons why they had been uninvited from their loved ones' nuptials.
On one occasion the bride-to-be found out her future husband had slept with a friend, who swiftly had her invitation revoked. On another, a woman was left off her friend's guest list because she refused to wear a dress to the event.

Here, FEMAIL rounds up some of the most shocking examples...