Feb 21, 2013

2face Idibia, others to pray against death – prophesy of doom


Last month, a certain Apostle Johnson Suleiman, the founder and senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide gave some prophecies…the prophecies ‘trended’ on the blogosphere for a while – some peeps laughed at the prophecies while a few others took it serious – but to cut the story short – no one actually BELIEVED the prophecies – thus everyone forgot about it.

Here are some of the prophecies:
1. Nollywood will keep losing people unless prayers are made and repentance; Many have gone fetish and there is high rate of immorality. I see three major stars dying this year unless prayers are made

2. A sec deadlier than Boko -Haram is being trained and prepared.
3. I see a Governor dying.
4. A yoruba movie actor to die surprisingly.
5. Nigerian Music entertainer Tuface Idibia will face blackmail and scandal.
And he said “These are not prophecies given out of personal interest or animosity but are direct words from the Holy spirit. If prayers are made negative prophecies can be averted”

Last week the Nigerian entertainment industry lost one of its precious singers, Goldie harvey - her death came as a shock to everyone — and then again a Nollywood actor, Lugard Onoyemu – and today, Veteran actor Justus Esiri also passed on.

Well, it appears his prophecies of doom are actually to coming to past and to prevent the others (negative ones) from happening, we need to PRAY!
Like the AGN President, ibinabo Fiberesima said today in a press statement …”Let us save the entertainment industry by praying…With the incessant deaths occurring in the entertainment industry this year, it’s high time we put a stop to it. We must surrender our lives to Almighty God irrespective of our religious belief. Let’s come together and embark on prayers and commit our industry and practitioners to God. We need serious prayers. We must reject death in the entertainment industry. Join us irrespective of your status, age, belief, profession, etc, let’s pray. Let’s save Nigeria, let’s save the Entertainment Industry. Only God saves.”

She said this while reacting to the death of Justus Esiri.


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