Feb 7, 2013

Chris Brown Spotted Leaving Late Night Session With Rihanna, Rep Says Instagram Rant Not Written By Chris


Chris Brown has been laying low since his fight with singer Frank Ocean and it also looks as though he’s been confiding in Rihanna. The two were spotted leaving a studio last night after a long recording session. Will we be getting a new collaboration this year?

Meanwhile, last night a post that Chris Brown allegedly made to his private Instagram began making it’s way around the web while being posted on top news and blog sites. According to the screen grab, Chris Brown wrote to his fans although they keep telling him to relax, he’s tired of the negativity and a day in his life is like hell.

Post Update: A rep for Chris Brown tells us that this statement was not made my Chris. “Just wanted to give you a heads up. That was a fake Instagram. It wasn’t CB. He no longer has an Instagram account.”

See what the fan-created message said below: