Feb 25, 2013

This is what happens when parents fail to teach their children


people have too much problems with age. Either our kids are too young to be informed, too young to ask certain questions, too old to do sport, too young at 25 yrs, too old for this or that... 
We have to change our perception on AGE and start communicating with our youths. Its better parents communicate with their kids about the questions they ask, if not they're going to learn it from tell-lie-vision, on the street or at school anyway. Kids are young adults. Find a way to COMMUNICATE and give them confidence in themselves and NOT SHOUTING on them

"Children's Learning
Children's learning can be more effective if the following considerations are taken into account:

1.Children are not "empty vessels." Children come to school with previous experience and insights.

2.Children want to learn. The natural curiosity of children can be used to help them learn without presenting material as a lesson.

3.Children learn best when using a range of senses.