Feb 21, 2013

Ifeoma Harvey Opens Cans Of Worms On Goldie Husband (Andrew Harvey)

                           Ifeoma Harvey

Five days after the death of popular Nigerian singer, Goldie, the allegedly ex-wife ofGoldie’s husband, Andrew Harvey, is opening cans of worms. Ifeoma went on her facebook page to express her disappointment over her ex- husband’s failure to acknowledge their marriage and that he is hurting their kids. She concluded by warning him that more lies would result in legal prosecutions.


LEONARD ANDREW HARVEY I have had enough of your lies and allegations about our marriage and your relationship with SUSAN.

This is my time to speak about our marriage and relationship.

Leonard Andrew Harvey married me Ifeoma Harvey and when we started having issues we were not fully divorced and he secretly went and married Susan ( GOLDIE) in NIGERIA and their wedding took place at IKOYI REGISTRY OFFICE in LAGOS and that was the same registry office we both got married.

Leonard Andrew Harvey i think you have alot of explanations to do and pls do not push me to the limit because this will result to a lot of prosecutions on your part.

Leonard Andrew Harvey be careful of what you are doing and saying cause you are hurting our kids.

This is your final warning anymore of your lies i will instruct my lawyers to issue proceedings.