Jul 3, 2017

See How A Mom Caught A Pedophile Posing As A Girl On Facebook

A mother posed as her own 13-year-old daughter online to catch out a suspected pedophile who was trying to 'lure her into sick S&M games', Dailymail reports.

34-year old Kelly Carberry, 34, on checking her daughter's Facebook profile for the first time received the shock of her life when a message popped up saying 'do you promise to keep your mouth shut?'

Immediately sensing something was wrong, Ms Carberry went along with the messages as if she was 13-year-old schoolgirl Chloe-Marie.
The alleged pervert, who she claims was pretending to be a girl on Facebook, continued to reply and attempted to lure her into playing out 'sadomasochistic fantasies'.

After revealing the disgusting messages on social media, Ms Carberry believes she has exposed a paedophile who has targeted 'at least 100' youngsters after being inundated with messages from other parents.
The mother, from Preston, Lancashire, said: 'I couldn't believe it. This morning I thought I'd check her Facebook profile and four messages appeared from this weird person.

'I just started replying to him pretending to be her. He said "are you on your own" and "go in the room and shut your door".
'After a bit, I just told him I was her mum and said "what are you doing?"He then continued writing: 'Are you in your bedroom on your own?'

After the shock of realising how easily predators can groom children via social media, Ms Carberry went online to warn others against the man who was talking to her daughter.

When she started getting messages from other concerned mothers, she realised the alleged paedophile had been trying to contact young girls from across the North West of England.