Jul 3, 2017

Rihanna's Father Doesn't Approve of Hassan Jameel Romance. Here's Her Response

Rihanna may be on cloud number 9 now that she's found love again, but not everyone supports her new relationship with Hassan Jameel. Rumor has it, her father Ronald Fenty doesn't give his blessing because he wanted the "Umbrella" hitmaker to date someone with "darker colored" skin.

This has allegedly caused a rift between the daughter and father. "Rihanna is furious with her dad for talking about her new relationship, especially saying not so nice things," a source close to the singer tells HollywoodLife.com. "She wants him to be quiet. He has a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth and he's done it again." The so-called insider adds that RiRi didn't just sit quiet when she heard that her father said bad things about her new beau. "She called and really ripped him," the source reveals. "They have such a combustible relationship with so much history. She told him not to get involved and ruin this for her. She's really happy and doesn't want him making trouble."

Sun Magazine previously reported that Ronald said during an interview about Rih's new romance, "I didn't know he was a billionaire. Too little money, or too much money can't make you happy, you need to something in-between. She told me she had a new boyfriend about a month ago, but I didn't know who he was. 'Don't date an entertainer, don't date an athlete.' "

But RiRi definitely has no plans to end her relationship with the Saudi billionaire anytime soon. 
The ex-boyfriend of Naomi Campbell makes RiRi happier than Drake or any of her other exes ever did.

"Hassan treats her with so much love and respect," the source dishes. "He's making her drop her guard, which she hasn't done with a guy in a very long time." The source adds, "She's way happier than she ever was with Drizzy. She still loves him but that relationship was just a mistake. He never had her trust."

Rihanna and Hassan's relationship was first exposed after they were caught making out in a swimming pool during their vacation in Spain in late June. They have reportedly dated since January.