Jul 22, 2017

Rich Kids of Vietnam flaunting their luxury lifestyles on Instagram

The very wealthy have become pros at flaunting their luxury lifestyles online - and yet another set of 'Rich Kids' has joined in the fun.

Pampered teens and twenty-somethings in Vietnam have jumped on the envy-inducing bandwagon, by showcasing their luxury lifestyles on a Rich Kids of Instagram account dedicated to their country's gilded youth.

The page has already amassed 37,000 followers, who flock for a glimpse into the lives of its outrageously spoiled subjects.

One picture shows stacks of Louboutin shoe boxes piled up inside a flash car, while another image sees a driver resting his wads of cash and designer watch on a supercar dashboard.

The female members of the clique can be seen trying on designer clothes and flaunting their expensive handbag collections.