Jul 2, 2017

It is crazy to drive expensive cars if you don’t own a land – Apostle Suleman [VIDEO]

Fiery preacher and founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has stated that it is totally wrong and crazy for anyone to cruise around in expensive vehicles while living in a rented apartment.

Speaking during a Sunday service in his church, Suleman wondered why “black men” live to create impression.

His words: “There are lots of fake people living fake lives. You see people living in certain locations, not that they can afford it but they want people to rate them in a certain class.

“You need to realize that a wise investor does not go for ‘locationers’ they go after professionals

“How can someone has a jeep parked in front of a rented apartment? You are driving a jeep of N10m and still living in a rented apartment and expect the landlord not the increase the rent.

“As you are driving the jeep, you look like an increment. It is crazy. Listen to me, never you drive a jeep if you don’t have a land. Because cars can have accident but land can never had accident.”

Watch full video below…