Jul 3, 2017

Insane Before After Photos Of Couples Who Battled The Bulge

This couple lost an incredible 325 pounds together! Isn’t it amazing that losing a large amount of weight not only makes you look better, but also younger? The before and after photo of this couple looks as if they went back in time!

At work one day, 25 years old, 592 pound Justin Shelton suddenly began to feel ill. A few hours later, he was in the emergency room, and doctors told him he might have a kidney infection. They needed to run a scan to be sure but unfortunately, the imaging machine could not support his weight.

That was his biggest wake-up call.

His wife, Lauren, was 392 pounds at the time when the couple decided to drastically change their life style and get fit. Now, Lauren says “We go to the gym five to six days a week and take one day off and try to do something fun and active like hiking or swimming.”
Matt and Mandy lost a combined total of 133 pounds together to get in shape for their wedding! How incredible do they look? Mandy says her most important changes were, “I changed what I eat, how much I eat and how many times a day I eat. I also added exercise to my routine which has made a huge difference in my energy levels.”