Jul 1, 2017

I Am Not Talking About My Marriage Issues - Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh, earlier this week made many headlines as new that her family had paid back the bride price Churchill family brought was all over the internet.

The news gained ground when the actress shared a video of herself joyful, prompting many to assume she was celebrating the end of her marriage.

Tonto in a new interview with Saturday Beats, have weighed in on the news, but declining to speak on her marriage crisis.
In her words:

“I am not going to answer any personal questions; I think I am done with that. When I am ready to grant interview I would give constructive interviews.”On current projects and acting:

“I have been concentrating so much on my foundation lately and I would keep that going because a lot of people out there need us and I have realised that the government cannot do it alone, neither can I nor other foundations. I would be concentrating on helping the underprivileged and help them get back to the society which made me who I am today. I have plans to go back to the movie industry. I will be on set very soon with great artistes and I cannot wait to do that. I will not feature in movies as I used to; instead I could be in a few movies per year. I will produce my movies as well as work with other people who have good scripts.
“I focused on women and children. Being a mother has made me very passionate about my own child. I would not treat any child less than I would treat my own child. Watching my child grow, go to school and do everything that he does makes my heart ache to see that some people cannot afford the basic things of life that they require and that is why I decided to focus on children. My son gave me a new religion to worship and take care of children,” she said.