Jul 19, 2017

I Am Glad To Be Relieved Of Him - Blac Chyna Talks Rob Kardashian

Following Ronb Kardashian's decision to share her nudes on social media, resulting in her getting a restraining order against him, Blac Chyna in a new interview with PEOPLE, revealed she is happy she is no longer with him.

On how she feels after taking out a restraining order on the 30-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star she said:

'I'm glad to be relieved of Rob, but damn why did I have to get relief in this way?' said the reality TV diva.'Words are words. But once you start posting actual pictures, that's just not right,' she began. 'What he did is not right, it's actually against he law.'
'I just want to voice my story — voice what’s real — because at the end of the day, the person next to me could possibly be going through the same thing. For people to actually look up to me really means a lot. These types of things, they happen every day. A lot of women, they don’t address it. See it, recognize it — but don’t be tainted by it. Just be strong and positive.'
She then added: 'I feel like God does certain things - not to hurt you but to show you true strength. I feel like if I can come out of this I can come out of anything.'