Jul 19, 2017

Devastated families face losing their homes as 4ft of water swept through their Cornish village

A clean up operation is underway after a freak flash flood hit a tiny Cornish fishing village which has been devastated by a torrent of water, with residents fearing they will lose their homes.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service said crews remained in Coverack on Wednesday morning, with locals describing the scenes this morning as something out of a 'disaster movie' after 4ft of water tore through the village.
Debris has been left across roads and the beach while part of a sea wall has also been destroyed and the roads have sustained heavy damage, with repairs already estimated to total more than £1million.

Emergency services said the first reports of flooding first came in from Coverack around 3.40pm yesterday, before a major incident was declared at 5.20pm as at least seven people were trapped, including six on a rooftop.

Coastguard helicopters were filmed winching a 70-year-old couple from their home after they also got stranded.

One expert said the equivalent of 200 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of flood water fell on Coverack and the immediate area in just three hours.