Jun 14, 2015

Kanye West says his life revolves around taking daughter North to 'tap class' as he admits fatherhood has changed him

Clique: Kanye told Ebro and Nessa that his life revolves around taking his daughter, North, to tap dance classes. Here, he's seen with North at the Balenciaga show in Paris during Fashion Week 2015

In the past, he's been known for making outlandish statements like professing his love for the color pink or his belief that he is a god.

And in true Kanye West form, the 38-year-old rapper has granted a ranting, oft-times nonsensical interview to New York's Hot 97 radio show.

During the course of the conversation on Friday, Kanye delivered many classic Kanye-isms, at one point ironically saying: 'I'm so boring.''I'm completely boring actually,' the Grammy winner told Hot 97's Ebro and Nessa. 'I'm not at the club, I'm never at One Oak. All I do is go to the studio everyday.'

Kanye mentioned that he's settled down and become a tame family man. About his daughter, North, he said: 'I gotta take [her] to tap class.

'And gym class. They do all types of swings.'

The occasion for the interview was in regards to a recent rumor that said the rapper had kicked kids and families out of a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.

Kanye took the opportunity to tell the world that this was false gossip that had been created to 'add to the excitement.'

'I'm trying to stay off the carbs,' Kanye continued. 'I'm not even eating pizza. What am I going to do at Chuck E. Cheese?'