Jul 8, 2017

Woman advertises for a wedding date on Twitter, marries the stranger who took up the offer

Fate – that’s the only way to describe what happened to Llia Apostolou, a single girl who faced the prospect of attending her sister’s wedding without a plus one. That is until she decided to advertise the position on Twitter – and actually had some genuine applicants.

One of those being Phil Gibson, a delightful gentlemen who was only too happy to take up Llia’s offer and could even provide his own suit.
The two hit it off immediately and engaged in a round of public flirting, much to the enjoyment of the Twittersphere who could not have been more on board with this budding romance…

Although the chemistry was clearly electric from the get-go, sadly Phil did not attend the wedding with Llia because, well, it was her sister's big day and that would have been a little awkward to explain why a stranger was in attendance. However, the two did meet up the week and sparks clearly flew in real life, just as much as they did behind a keyboard.

Fast forward three years and Llia finally got to see Phil's suit, with the couple tying the knot.