Jul 26, 2015

How to get perfectly shaped eyebrows

You may not be blessed with pure and perfect shaped eyebrows. Eyebrows are the part of face which is more attractive and it effects the beauty of our face. We can make them better with a little makeup as i am going to post in this post. In these little steps you will be able to make perfect shaped eyebrows. That will make you look gorgeous and beauty. Eyebrows add up facial expression to all faces.almost the women have troubles in shaping their eyebrows. Anyhow I am presenting you makeup steps to make you eyebrow well shaped and less time consuming make up tricks for eyebrows makeup.
Step 1:- Draw the arch at your eyebrows with pencil.
Step 2:- Using brow gel draw upwards the highest points of the arch, and downwards to the end of brow.
Step 3:- With eyebrow pencil fill too hard.
Step 4:- To make shape more clear get closer to the mirror and apply final touch to the eyebrows.
Step 5:- At last make sure you have blend the eye brows well and complete your look perfect.