Jul 26, 2015

SHOCKING NEWS: Some Prominent APC Politicians Are Secretly Plotting To Kill President Buhari----Abuja Based Pastor Reveals

A certain Abuja based Pastor by name Pastor Ademola  Adetutu (picture above) of End Time gospel Ministry Abuja in an exclusive interview with 360ng.com on Tuesday weighed into the recent political crisis happening in Nigeria notably in the upper and lower chamber of NASS and other critical political issues surrounding President Buhari.

According to the Pastor he said that there are strong forces working against President Buhari right from his backyard in APC.
He continued, the emergence of Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogaro as Senate President and Speaker Of House of Representatives respectively against the wish of the APC, Buhari’s party has made matters worst.
Pastor Ademola Adetutu revealed that  APC never knew they were going to immerge winners of the March 28th Presidential election and so therefore were not prepared for leadership, that is why there is confusion in their camp.

Greed is an ant eating deep into APC, the man of God continued.
Everybody wants  a share of the cake and in a do or die manner, nobody wants to listen to the other and the coming months many things will still go wrong in APC.

As a man of God I have gone deep into prayers and what was revealed to me spiritually about President Buhari   isn’t pleasing at all.
As am talking to you now some prominent politicians in APC are plotting evil plans to terminate President Buhari before his tenure ends in 2019.

President Buhari being a man of integrity and a no nonsense person when it comes to tackling corruption, they feel there will be no chance for them to rip Nigeria’s treasury as it pleases them.
These evil politicians from APC normally hold their secret meetings in top secret hotels in Abuja and Lagos and soon I will start revealing their identities.

Pastor Ademola urged President Buhari to watch the people he dines and wines with as they might be the instrument with which these evil plotters will use in an attempt to achieve their deadly plans, he concluded.