Jul 5, 2015

Nigerians beg Jonathan for their betrayals, knock Buhari’s administration

Though the former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was tagged clueless, stupid, unreasonable, weak and many more, Nigerians are already singing his praise.

Less than two months he handover the mantle of leadership to the new President, Muhammadu Buhari, many Nigerians are already begging for forgiveness, wishing they could turn back the hands of time to make things right.
After President Jonathan urged Nigerians to support Buhari in the war against terrorism, Nigerians started expressing their pains and sufferings since the new administration took over.

Among the comments on Jonathan’s wall, which was monitored by MIB, many Nigerians knocked Buhari’s administration, calling him different names while praising the former President.
Yemi Ogunyemi who on his profile, shows Abuja begged Nigerians for their forgiveness for canvassing for Buhari during the Presidential election, he said “Please the whole world should investigate this; it’s obvious I Was hypnotised in Voting and canvassing for Muhammadu Buhari in the last Presidential Election. I was not conscious of my actions and please, once more on behalf of scammed and hypnotised Nigerians I tender my apology to the most tactful and shrewd president Nigeria ever had, Mr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR, I’m sorry for falling for the greatest scam ever known to man. I’m sorry, sir.”
A Nigerian, Emeka John Okenwa said “Baba Jona, ever since you left office Indeed nothing matters anymore in Nigeria, all because the rightful owners of Nigeria has taken over. The Born-To-Rule are in-charge now so nothing matters. The alleged missing Chibok babes doesn’t matter anymore.
The Boko Haram killing doesn’t matter anymore. Delay in Governance doesn’t matter anymore in fact is no longer called being clueless, incapacitated, weakling but a merely time taking to take a proper and wise decision.
Indeed Sir, you are right with this your quote “Nigeria will praise me when I leave office”. I miss you so much sir.”
Another Nigerian, Omeiza Adavize John who commented on the President’s post said: You are a Man of Peace… Nigeria will always recognise you”
Alphonsus Owuh said “Nigeria will one day know that you are God’s sent to this nation. Enjoy your day sir. We love you”
One of the commentators, Deola Idowu Alabi gave a knock to President Buhari, saying “APC’s change is yet to change the boko harram killings.they said GEJ couldn’t handle BH ,now has GMB stopped them!my guy u remain the hero of our time.God bless GEJ,God bless Nigeria.one love”
Ike Michael said “Sir, He that sow wind must surely reap whirlwind. Buhari used insecurity and killings perpetuated by Boko Haram to gain power,let’s see how he will remove the larder that took him to Aso Rock”
“Sometimes i wonder if really u are flesh n blood,other politicians in your position would simply castigate,abuse n point fingers at the present administration, but here u are praying n asking even those that voted u out of power to pray n fight this battle together, Chai i respect u die oga Jonathan,God will continually use u to transform our great country, God bless Nigeria,God bless GEJ”, another commentator, Chikezie Honey Okonkwo lamented.
Ekene Emmanuel said “Your intentions for nigerians were good…bt nigeria politicians are too ambitious. u will 4ever remain in our minds. God bless”
Don Dolores advised Jonathan not to bother about insurgency anymore alleging that Buhari formed the group to frustrate his administration. He said “Why worry yourself about boko haram….it’s the handwork of buhari to frustrate you out of office…..and am glad tinubu has been sidelined…..you have good intentions for the country but the northerners crippled all your efforts….God bless you and your generation”
“The worst thing that happened to Nigeria in 2015 is your absence at the helm of affairs of this country. Please God, bring back Goodluck Jonathan for us”, Ezenwa Iheduru cried.
Emmanuel Chigozie Michael said “This is what Buhari failed to do, he never believed he was gonna win the election, he was busy criticizing your effort as a president without military background. Now Nigerians want to see how he will perform the magic he promised us. As a retired general, this is the time for Nigerians to test his capability. but I pray he succeeds.”
“You are a real Christian. God bless you sir, though we need you back. Nigeria has gone to the worst state ever since you left us. The house members are now exchanging blows every day. Bombing has increased. The new Government is a fake one. Please #BringBackGEJ” Steve Eze lamented
Nnaemeka Emmanuel Ukwuma said “You (Jonathan) sold us too cheap into tbe hands our enemy. We regret your weakness, things are not thesame. PMB vow to take sharia across Nigeria by opening all the military check point. Pray for our Nation Biafra that is where we are today.”
“The president Nigeria once had and wish we still have after we were deceived by some wicked power drunk. Each day I read your update sir and your maturity to support those that wish you all manner of evil just to get power I weep. May God continue to keep you sir as many of us are learning from your simplicity,political ideology and patriotic zest for Nigeria.. ” Another Nigerian, Machief Ayuba Mallo cried out.
It could be recall  that Jonathan told Nigerians that though he was being insulted, but would be remembered for his good governance when he left.