Jul 5, 2015

“We Don’t Need Your Friendship” – Nigerians Unfriend America On Facebook, Social Media

The American ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle may not have expected the response he received from Nigerians after his comments on the July 4th celebration held in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.
Entwistle stated that America is Nigeria’s best friend.
His words exactly, “I told former President Goodluck Jonathan when I arrived in Nigeria in November 2013, and Secretary of State John Kerry told President Muhammadu Buhari when they met immediately after inauguration.

“I am sure President Barack Obama will tell President Buhari when he receives him in Oval Office at the White House on July 20.
“The people of Nigeria have no better friend than the United States.
“In my country, our commitment to democracy is right there in our Declaration of Independence. Here in Nigeria, you demonstrated to the world your commitment to democracy in historic elections earlier this year.
“In both of our great countries, commitment to democracy is deeply woven into our status as free and independent peoples.”
However the response from Nigerians to these remarks were less than reciprocal or welcoming.
The Herald has reviewed over 400 comments left by Nigerians to the US Ambassador’s remarks and more than 90% are negative.
A cross section of some of the remarks are reproduced below: