Jun 14, 2015

Toke Makinwa May Have Hinted About Her Husband’s Alleged Infidelity

Yesterday,Social media was trending with news of Toke Makinwa’s husband impregnating his ex girlfriend.According to a report by SDK,Maje has been in a relationship with his Calabar based ex,Anita Solomon for 8 years..Worthy of note is the fact that,Toke and Maje dated for 12 years before they secretly got married in 2014..
Now, was he keeping his marriage secret because he had skeletons in his closet,or was it a mutual desicion betwen both of them? That is still a mystery..However,SDK says Anita is now in the UK,where she is expected to give birth..Before the news broke,Toke posted some interesting memes on Instagram yesterday ..She later deleted one which talks about a cheating man.
She has become a subject of jokes and ridicule because some of her most popular vlogs are on how to cheat-proof your relationship,how not to be a side chick and how to keep a Nigerian man..If this story is true, then it’s really so sad…See belowimage