Jun 5, 2015

Jay Z & Beyonce fighting over Tidal -New Report Claims

If new reports are anything to go by,then Jay Z and Beyonce are having issues over Tidal.

OK Magazine reports that, Beyonce and Jay Z “are fighting like cats and dogs behind the scenes,” although they try to act like a happy family in the eyes of the public.
A source allegedly told the publication that “Since Tidal flopped, Jay Z has been unbearable towards Beyonce, snapping at her non-stop”.
The Magazine claims Jay has been insisting Beyonce help him promote TIDAL and want her to put her own affairs to hold. But Beyonce allegedly told him about “his controlling tendencies,” the source said, and “really let him have it.”

“She was fine with it at first, but last week they had a terrible fight after he crammed her calendar with business meetings,”It was all too much for Bey,” the insider dished. “Being subservient is one thing…but now she’s telling him there’s a fine line between that and treating her like a dog.”