Apr 17, 2013

Photos-Solomon Akiyesi married twice before recent wedding scandal

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It has been revealed that Nollywood actor, Solomon Akiyesi, whose wedding to another woman was disrupted last Saturday by his legally married wife, Lilian, has actually been married twice, making it his third time of going to the alter in the last ten years (traditional Wedding On April 18,2003)
According to SDK, “Mr Akiyesi was still married to Ezinne in Port-Harcourt (they are still married) when he married Lilian and was still married to Ezinne and Lilian when he tried to marry Uloma.”
Concerned friends of Ezinne (the first legally married wife) claim that Lilian knew Solomon was married yet got married him years ago. The same fate that befell Uloma (the unlucky bride) on Saturday almost happened then but Ezinne decided to play mature by letting the wedding hold while “she called on God to intervene”.
Find pictures of Solomon Akiyesi’s wedding to Ezinne – his very first wife below:

Meanwhile, Solomon, who is not moved by the ugly incident that occured on Saturday claims that he ”almost hammered if not for quick intervention” that is, he was getting married to Uloma who is quite financially stable for her money!
The story is according to #CampEzinne is that ”Solomon began dating Lilian when he was still married to Ezinne and despite all the warnings from Ezinne,Lilian refused to leave Solomon alone so Ezinne left him alone and Solomon took a walk and moved out but was in contact with Ezinne and had been begging her up until last month to let them begin afresh”.
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According to #CampEzinne, Ezinne broke down on the day Solomon was marrying Lilian and it didnt occur to her to walk in and ‘scatter’ the venue of the wedding,her friends suggested it to her but she didn’t want to…She wanted to sue but family prevailed on the matter.how could she sue her first love?”
Ezinne and Solomon are still Married but do not live in the same house.
They had Traditional and Church wedding Ceremonies on April 20,2003 and the reception was at LA kings stadium road in Portharcourt..
Members of #CampEzinne who were at her Wedding and were with her when Solomon was marrying Lilian insist that Lilian is the Real husband snatcher and got paid back in her own coin,They insist that the law of Retributive Justice prevailed.A.k.a If you do me,person go do you back.
Solomon Akiyesi's 3rd wedding
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Solomon Akiyesi's 3rd wedding
Traditional Wedding On April 18,2003