Apr 16, 2013

2015: “We will do what we know how to do best,” Anenih says after meeting Obasanjo

Mr. Anenih and seven others met the former Nigerian president in Abeokuta.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Tony Anenih, alongside seven other national leaders of the party on Monday met with the former President Olusegun Obasanjo to discuss the fate of the party as well as other national issues.

Mr. Anenih, who spoke with journalists after the over three hours meeting held at hilltop private residence of Mr. Obasanjo in Abeokuta, said the meeting was centered on issues that affect the corporate existence of Nigeria, insecurity, and issues within the party.“I am here to see my leader. I am here to pay my respect and indeed I am here with my colleagues, some member of the board of trustees of our party to discuss some issues that affect the corporate existence of this country; some issues about the insecurity of the country and some issues about the party itself,” Mr. Anenih said.

When asked the outcome of the meeting, Mr. Anenih declared that the meeting was successful.

“As you see, we are all smiling, don’t you see me smiling? And my leader too is smiling. So we are quite happy about the outcome. For now, it is not for public consumption,” he said.

The PDP leader would also not comment on the issue of amnesty for Boko Haram; saying he would not react publicly as it is a security matter.

“You want us to discuss the issue of amnesty in public here? That is a security matter,” he stated.

Mr. Anenih also said that the PDP in Ogun State would wax stronger as long as Mr. Obasanjo remained its leader.

‘Let me tell you, almost all of us here are members of PDP in Ogun. So you cannot say that PDP is dead in Ogun State. Leader of PDP is here, former president,” he emphasised.

The Edo born politician also dismissed insinuations that the PDP would wither away before the 2015 elections and would lose.

“When the time comes, PDP is a party to beat. When the time comes, I assure we will do what we know how to do best,” he said.

Mr. Anenih and the PDP Board of Trustees have been holding meetings with leaders of the party across Nigeria in order to resolve lingering issues causing discord among party members.