Apr 24, 2013

Africa will continue to wallow in poverty without good leaders – Obasanjo


Former President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo, has warned Africa will continue to wallow in poverty if it does not get good and committed leaders. He said leadership is crucial to the development of the Continent.

According to him all developmental problems facing the continent are as a result of poor leadership. Chief Obasanjo said the Continent needs committed leaders who have its people at heart and would work to propel prosperity.
According to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), the former Nigerian president was addressing a news conference in Tamale as a prelude to a three-day lecture at the University for Development Studies (UDS).

The three-day lecture series is the maiden edition of the Africa Lecture series organised by the UDS as part of activities marking its 20th anniversary celebrations.

The three-day lecture is on the theme “Leadership in Africa from pre-colonial to contemporary times”.