Apr 18, 2013

Lilian Akiyesi’s Camp Reacts to the “Ezinne Story”

solomon akiyesi and ezinne
According to our source, Lilian Akiyesi’s close family friend sent a mail responding to the recent revelation about Solomon Akiyesi’s marriage to a woman named Ezinne.

It was said that the Nollywood actor married Ezinne before marrying Lilian.

The message reads:
“I am very close friends with Lilian’s family and have decided to respond to this shocking and unfair accusation. Lilian met Solomon as a little and naïve girl in 2001. There was no one married to Solomon as at then. Down the line, Solomon got married to Ezinne who said she was pregnant as at then.

Lilian moved on with her life. Years later, Solomon and his family came to ask for Lilian’s hand in marriage claiming that their son was deceived into marriage as Ezinne was never pregnant and was infact confirmed in the hospital to have damaged her womb a long time ago. On investigation, Solomon’s family said all rites have been retrieved and dissolved of the marriage which was based on deceit.

After some time, Lilian and Solomon got married. Ezinne has never called Lilian for a warning or otherwise. Never! But rather Lilian put a call to her when she suddenly heard Ezinne was claiming to still be married to Solomon. On that shock, Lilian had her lawyer call Ezinne…who asked Ezinne to come up with a certificate or evidence to show they have not been divorced so that Liliancan move on with her life. But Ezinne refused to show up, even after several calls.

Today out of nowhere, she comes out to give a wrong picture of Lilian. Where was she all this while? What sort of woman will sit back and watch her husband wed someone else without doing anything about it…if truly her hands are clean? Lilian wouldn’t be that stupid to go as far as she did on saturday, had she any reason to believe he was married to someone else asides her.

Lilian married Solomon as a very young and sincere girl, never out of desperation. I think the damage is enough already. It’s obvious the intention is just to bring Lilian down.”